1592 Confusion & Conclusion

Some time Man’s mind
gets confuse due to
scarcity of knowledge,
lack of understanding
& clearity of matter or
so many options for
choice in the life.More
option or alternatives
more you get confuse.
Confusion will delay the
conclusion or results.
Confusion create tension,
which make more difficult
to reach the conclusion.
Resolve the confusion
knowing the reason with
peace of mind to remove
the confusion, & take right
conclusion at right time.
Unless you desolve the
confusion you cannot
conclude at right time.
what to do at right time.
Donot get confused your
self or confuse other.
Conclusion is possible
in absence of confusion.
Vinod Anand 10/05/2019

1577 Communications Gap-1

Bridge the communication
gap to make it effective and
impressive. Communication
is essential requirement for
successful life, business &
social relation.
So Fill communication gap by communication skill.
Three elements of comm.
are Sender, Recevier and
message. If message sent
is understood by receiver
without any confusion and
misunderstanding & carry
good impression of sender
is effective communication.
Three stages to fill the gap
of communication are…
1) Meeting with the person
2) establish the connection.
3) communication stage to
Fill the communications
gap to make it effective.
Further about Comm.Gap
refer my next post.
Vinod Anand 21/04/2019

1513 Needs of Human being

Need of Human being to
survive…Air,Water & Food.
and for safety House.
Another need of human
being to live peacefully
happily & successfully….
* Humam being need love
care, compassion and
support from others.
* Humam being need his
importance and his value.
* He need appreciation and
certifacate of what he does.
* He also need growth and
status in the society.
* He also want that every
body listen, understand,
follow him & respect him.
* He want miracle,surprise
to become more happy.
As such there so many
needs of human being but
these are common needs.
Every needs may not fulfill
but human being need to
develop satisfaction to
remain happy & peaceful
in every situation arises.
Vinod Anand 28/02/2019

1482 Eight Quotient of success

Quotient of success are….
First intelligent Quotient-IQ
high level of intelligence
essential for getting job
in business & social life.
Smilary Emotional Quotient-EQ
Spiritual Quotient-SQ,
Adverse Quotient-AQ.
Another four Quotients are
for peaceful, happy family
& social life are…
First-Positivity Quotient-PQ
that is level of positivity.
Quotient-UQ that is level
of understanding in life.
Third-Tolerance Quotient-TQ
that is level of endurance.
Fourth-Working Quotient-WQ
that is level of hard working.
Eight Quotients are the factors
of Total Success in every field
of life.
Vinod Anand 03/02/2019

1452 Break

Break is control to
control the speed of
vehicle when needed.
No vehicle is without
break so far designed.
It is judgement & skill
when to apply break.
If fails lead to accident.
Every pat animal – dog
horse, tiger & elephant
need to control cruelty.
God has given break of
knowledge, intelligent &
understanding to man.
He must apply on drive
of life called mind and
control it’s behaviour
for smooth running of
life without problems &
difficulties. Man mind
need break to control
it’s illegal & unethetic
activities in the life.
Mind with break is your
friend,otherwise enemy.
Don’t be slave of mind
be master of the mind.
Vinod Anand 06/01/2019

1360 Healthy Happy Family

To make Healthy Happy
Family every member
is responsible for HHF.
Members must be healthy.
Member have intetion,desire
target & effort to make HHF.
Family predefined rules &
norms must be there like
respect each other,
donot insult any one,
donot be too selfish,
love share,care each other
Decide distribution of
work & guardian to lead.
Take Two or three dinner
or lunch & one meeting
every week.Develop power
of endurance, forgiveness
understanding & convince.
Well designed, managed
& controlled family is HHF.
Healthly Happy Familly is
Heaven in house, in such
Family God would to live.
Vinod Anand 02/11/2018

1329 Power of Mind

-Mind have three powers
power, understanding
power and activness.
For topper three power
of mind are essential
to develop.
To develop Remembering
& retain power, read in early
morning when your mind is
fresh & tension free.
To retain for longer period
do revision what you read.
Do writing practice or teach
other what you have read.
Retriving the information
from the mind increases
mind retaining power.
For understanding power,
read with interest and full
concentration of mind.
To activate or sharpen your
mind for better result do
following norms.
* Mind need 20 % of Oxygen
provide it by moring walk,
pranayam & body exercise.
* Group Discussion, solving
puzzle or maths problem &
do abstract thinking which
will activate your mind.
Try to enhace these power
of mind, success is sure.
Vinod Anand 15/10/2018