1929 Useful Tips-3

Cultivate 10 habits for
happy and peaceful life.
– Get up early after seven
hour of sound sleep.
– Thank and pray God
– Do morning exercise,
meditation & Pranayam.
– Take healthy breakfast
– Reading and learning habits
– Do Most Important Task first.
– Avoid energy drinks,packed
and junk food.
– Talk less listen more.
– Avoid Negative people
– Don’t complain & Blame
– Personal Development.
* More Tip For Happiness
– Happiness is not destiny
it is journey with Gratitude
and hardwork nature.
– Give your each day 100 %
– Select right people in the life.
– Donot compare with other.
– Aim for growth work for growth
– Healthy body & Healthy mind
– Always be humble, anger
destroy happiness
Vinod Anand 15/03/2020

1879 Change life & Be happy

To live happy, change
your life by doing some
result orientated work.
* Daily gratitude and
Spiritual practice.
* Do exercise & eat good.
* Set meaningful target,
which make you happy.
* Monthly Goal & primary
daily action – 3 activities
toward your goal with
review system
* Develop skill to achieve
your targets easily.
* Learn to say No to people
& activity, pulls you down.
* Include more things that
gives joy and happiness.
* Do some thing to those
who can not give back.
* Define sphere of control.
Things you can control
try to control otherwise
forget things you canot.
* Develop your personality.
by improving I.Q, E.Q & S.Q.
* Be positive & Be confident
Be away from negative people. Changes will make you Ideal
and happiest person.
Vinod Anand 02/02/2020

1851 Three criteria to work

Three corner of triangle
make close figure.
Similarly three criteria
of work in life you must
know for successful life.
While doing or working
you have think to justify
for right choice of work.
While doing any work
you have to ask yourself…
Is urgent?Is it important?
What is the priority of it?
After getting answer you
must do choice to work.
Select work which have
top most priority & then
which urgent & important.
Make list of work to be
done then relist it on the
bases of priority urgency
and importance of work.
And follow the list to do
right work at right time.
Vinod Anand 08/01/2020

1756 Stay Focused

Stay focused for a success.
To be Focused is first need
to get success in life.
Distraction will distract you
from your work so it is a
challenge to stay focused.
Distractions may be internal
-external must be eliminated
You must be awared of the
distractions to eliminate it.
Develop resistance towards
distractions by saying ‘ No ‘
to distration and continue
to do your work.
To stay focused clear your
Why of work, you are doing.
To stay focus decide your
priority of your work, love
your work & be passonate,
& increase your will power.
Focus on work will increase
your concentration of mind
for better & excellent work.
Vinod Anand 14/10/2019

1748 Two way of working

We work or behave by
two way…..
1) Work through Mind
2) Work on the mind.
Generally we are working
through mind. What ever
mind say or wish we work
Working through mind is
by passing knowledge &
intelligent to decide what
do or how to behave.
When we read or learn we
working through mind.
Working on mind is to
understand mind feeling,
emotion & thoughts, then
work or behave in life.
Working on mind means
working with knowledge &
intelligent to decide what
do or what not to do or how
to work or behave in life.
Working on mind is better
& creative way of working
than working through mind.
Vinod Anand 06/10/2019

1701 After retirement

After retirememt from
service or bussiness,
What you will do ?
Have you ever thought
any plan of living before
you get retired ?
If not, you must thnik the
plan well before you get
retire, because man can
not live without activity or
work for longer period.
Without any work will get
physically tired & mentally
bored, may get illness due
problem of time passing.
Advisable to plan retired
life in advance.
You have served many
years your family, retire
life is time to serve other,
to earn the blessing.
Retirement is new life to
live for wellfare of society
without any expectations.
See your talent, interest &
expertise & select field or
area where your can serve
or help needy person and
plan your activities before
you get retired in advance.
My best wishes to those
who are on the verge of
retirement. Thank You.
Vinod Anand 19/08/2019

1471 Attitude towards work

Important attitude
towards work while
working for 100%
* Work is Worship.
* No work is below
dignity whatever
work you do.
* Work is alloted to
you according to
your qualification.
* Love your work or
love what you do.
* Do your work with
100 % concentration.
* Do not postponed
your work.
* Do not work like
machine, applied
your talent while
doing work.
* Take interested work
or take interest what
work you are doing.
If you have such
attitude towards
work you never get
bored or tired and
your performance
will be excellent.
Work only don’t expect
result of your work.
Work while work.
Vinod Anand 27/01/2019