1305 Disturbance

When stone is
dropped in pond
it disturb it create
waves in water &
disturb the water.
Similarly disturbance
disturb your work &
mind gets upset.
It is advisable to
select working place
free of Disturbance.
Even though it comes
be calm & steady with
your work with balance
of mind & develop the
ignoring power against
the distubance.
Otherwise disturbance
will waste your time
work and energy.
Be Disturbance proof.
Vinod Anand 23/09/2018


1249 How to work

While doing work
Keep in mind that
Work is worship.
Work is one type of
meditation or prayer.
So work with mind
concetration, interest
and pleasure which
gives you good result.
There is ideal method
to do work perfectly.
Ideal method means
no damage or mistake,
or less effort & time.
Which require awakeness,
awareness & concetration.
If there is damage or
mistake then change
the method of working.
Good & perfect work
reward you appreciation,
& further encourage you
to do work perfectly.
” Be presence of mind
& work with right way ”
Vinod Anand 27/07/2018

1132 Winner of the life

Your body is factory
out come is work,
action & behaviour.
Mind is supervisor.
Senses are worker.
and intelligent is
manager who take
decision to do work
action & behaviour.
Soul is owner with
knowledge & power.
Mind must order,
superwise & control
Mind must follow
the intruction from
intelligent & soul.
Mind Can’t control
or instruct senses
Mind, intelligent &
soul together rule
over senses that is
thinking, working &
behaviour for happy
& peaceful life.
If mind dose work
independently with
out consulting manager
& owner of the factory
then life will not be
stable, happy, peaceful.
Sense & mind should be
under control by you.
Who control the mind &
senses is winner of life.
Vinod Anand 13/07/2018

1225 Perfection

Perfection is success.
Perfection in life must be
the purpose of the life.
How to achieve Perfection ?
Your behaviour, working &
your response to situation
& people action & reaction
must be perfect all the time.
Perfection is right method
to practice for improvement
in your behaviour, working &
response to situation/people
by trial error method till your
achieve perfection.
Example : Do your work with
concentration for percetion.
Improve your behaviour,
nature & positive response
to situation or people.
Be conscious and serious
about perfection to live
happy and successful life.
Vinod Anand 04/07/2018

1185 Mantra of Relation

8 letter of Relation carry
it’s own meaning and
play important roll to
nurture & protect it.
If you sincerely follow,
you will take care and
nuture your relations.
with love & patience.
R-stand for Remember.
Remember all relatives.
E-stands for Emphasize
understand the relative.
L-stand for love relatives.
A-stand for Appreciation,
appreciate good quality or
nature or work of realtive.
T-stand for Tolerance have
endurance & attitude of
forgiveness with relative.
I-stands for interest,
Take interest in his life.
O-stands for offer things.
Give him chance to speak
or think or ask his opinion
during interacting.
N-stands for nuture.
Your behaviour should be
such that relation is
being nutured & make
it sound & powerful.
Vinod Anand 25/05/2018

1054 Postponement

Postponement of the
celebration program or
any work or journey or
marriage or any other
things due to condition.
May create unpleasure.
some time it may be good.
Some time we deliberately
postpone the work due our
laziness, willingness.
We also postpone our
happiness & become
unhappy due fumy reason.
Postponement delay the
work & create unconvinced
in future, so better to work
with planned for best result.
Avoid Postponement of work
and happiness for next day.
Do postpone bad work next
day & go on postponding it.
Don’t postpone good work
for tomorrow any time.
What to postpone and
what not to postpone is
matter of choice depends
on profit, loss & desire.
So wisely use this tool
to get maximum pleasure.
Vinod Anand 28/01/2018

1039 What is good nature ?

Good Nature means

good behaviour, good

feelings, good habits,

and good actions with

other, based on attitude

belief & mood of person.

Good nature human being

will be liked by every one.

Every human being must

qualities of human being.

Good nature  person must

be free from anger & proud,

peaceful and smiling face,

positive attitude & good

rational quality of speech

with helping nature.

The best quality of human

being is love, contentment

mercy, selfishness and

devotion to work & God.

Human being with these

qualities is liked by God.

So first become good

natured human being.

Vinod Anand                           16/01/2018     Friend,Philosopher,Guide