2 nd october

​2 nd October  

Mahatma Gandhi was born. 

2 nd October become great 

due to Mahatm Gandhi. 

Mahatm Gandhi become

great alive personality 

inspiring to become Great. 

Remembering  the great

to inspire our self is real

respect and homage to Gandhiji. 

His principles of discipline,

truth, nonviolence, prayer etc

made  him greate personality. 

Be follower of Mahatm Gandhiji 

to become ideal and Great 

personality. I wish you all. 

Vinod Anand                        02/10/2016   Friend,Philosopher,Guide



Mirror never tells lie.
It show real image
of the person’s body

if person is ugly it shows ugly.
if person is nice it show nice.
Try to speak truth like mirror.

Mirror is use for makeup
and dressing to look beautiful.
Unless we see the mirror
we can see our looks.

Another mirror is there inside
our body that we never use.
which shows image of our emotions,desires and intentions.

To see this image we have to
close our eyes and light up the
lamp of soul and Wisdom.

If  image is ugly we have to
change our image to look
nice and beautiful.

Vinod Anand.                        05/06/2016
friend, philosopher, guide.

करु तो क्या करु ?

बोलु तो क्या बोलु ,  क्या न बोलु
सच  बोलु तो लगे कडु,
जुठ  बोल शकता नहीं ।
करु तो क्या करु नहीं आता समझमें ?
कुछ एसा करो की हवा भी चले
और दीया भी जलता रहे  ।
सोच समझकर,  तोल मोल के
मीठे मधुर वचन बोलो।

अच्छा करु तो दुश्मन को पसंद नहीं,
बुरा मैं कर शकता नहीं ।
करु तो क्या करु नहीं आता समझमें ?
ऐसा करो की,
साँप  भी मरे और लाठी भी न टुटे ।
विवेक बुद्धि से सोचो,
आत्मा की आवाज़,
जो कहे वोही करो ।                 विनोद आनंद


बहाना, काम नहीं करने का अच्छा तरीका है ।
गलती छूपाने का एक अच्छा नुक्सा है।
कहीं पर समयसर न पहोंचने से बचाव में
बहाने बनाते है लोग ।

जो कामचोर है,
जो अपनी गलती नहीं स्वीकारते,
जो नियमीत नही है,
वो ही बनाते है बहाने ।

बहाना जुठ्ठ की परछाई,
जुठ्ठा सच, जो छूपता नहीं ।
जब भेद खुल जाएगा,
चोरी पकड़ी जाएगी तो,
तब शर्मा ना पडेगा,
विश्वास टूट जाएगा,
व्यक्तित्व बीगड जाएगा ।

बहानेबाजी से बचना,
हींमत से सच बोल देना,
गलतीओं का स्वीकार करके,
माफी माँग लेना,
नियमीत बन जाना,
तो जरुरत नहीं पड़ेगी बहानेबाजी ।
विनोद आनंद


Proverbs are proved fact,
by to experience of the people,
& it is good result oriented.
Proverbs should be read,
understood & followed.
Proverb motivate, energies
& moralize the person.
Be keen to know it &
try to prove yourself it’s fact,
you will be benefited.
Spread it’s fragrance,
using in conversation,
with other at proper time.
Few proverbs for you.
Haste is waste, Health is wealth
Simple living & high thinking.
Honesty is best policy.
Truth is God. God is truth.
God is great. Trust the God.
Work is worship. Live & let live.
Slow but steady win the race.
Think before you speak,
see before you jump.
Action is louder than speech. Best Luck

Truth Versus Falsehood

Let the TRUTH prevail.  Falsehood perish.

TRUTH is success. Falsehood is failure.

TRUTH gives us peace of mind. Falsehood causes mental disruption.

TRUTH needs no proof.  Hundreds of proof shall not prove falsehood.

TRUTH has no fear. Falsehood fears the pious.

TRUTH needs no defense. Falsehood is indefensible.

TRUTH is power. Falsehood is pity.

TRUTH is fire. Falsehood is fear.

TRUTH is Gold. Falsehood is dust.

TRUTH shines. Falsehood fades.

TRUTH always wins. Falsehood always fails.

Follow the  TRUTH  always. Banish falsehood permanently.

Path of TRUTH is simple and safe.  Path of falsehood is strewn with sorrows.